Sunday 16 October 2022

Cathedral and Lazy Afternoon

Our plan was to go to the main 11 am service at the cathedral, about 30 minutes walk away (OK, faster walkers could do it in rather less). Our investigations yesterday of alternative routes to Centenary Square paid off and we arrived in good time.

In the churchyard outside, we were amused by this gravestone and its phrase that he had 'exchanged time for eternity' - yet another euphemism for 'died'.

We came here before in 2019 (see here for details) but then we went to the early morning service. Even so, one of the clergy on duty seemed to recognise that we had been before. Most people had yet to arrive.

The youngsters of the choir were on holiday so only the lower voices were on duty to sing. In fact there were only six of them but they certainly made a good ensemble and plenty of sound!

The congregation was around 100 and rather more mixed that sometimes. The service was conducted by two Associate Priests, that is not on the full time cathedral staff (presumably they were also on holiday!) It was well led and the atmosphere very friendly.

After listening to the final organ voluntary we had another wander around before having a cup of coffee with some of the regular attenders.

This wall mounted memorial is to a local artist who was well known in the area but failed to gain wider recognition. The lavish praise is a bit 'over the top ' even for its time and we wondered if perhaps he was also known as a bit of a pain! "Plain in Manner and frank in Disposition"

Leaving the cathedral, we walked down to New Street to pick up a few food items for today - we will probably do a bigger shop tomorrow when we can more close to a large Sainsbury store.

Back then to the boat for lunch and a rather laid back afternoon.

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