Sunday 19 June 2022

Dunham Massey

 Today's Canal - Bridgewater

A slightly slower start to the day as we had moored immediately opposite the parish church of Grappenhall. We knew that their main service was at 10 and it was barely five minutes walk.

The church has a long history and much of the building  dates back centuries. Like many others, it was extensively renovated (or vandalised, depending on your tastes!) in the Victorian period when, unusually, the pews were removed and replaced by chairs.

Structurally, little has changed since then except to introduce good quality amplification and video displays for the words of the service.

When we arrived the church was already quite full and altogether there were over 100 with a good number of small children (the picture earlier was taken after everyone had left). One of the screens was showing live pictures of the bells, which were repaired and renovated quite recently.

The service was led by the rector who had a friendly as well as well organised style. It followed a standard pattern and the music combined both traditional hymns and modern music. Beforehand, a violinist and pianist were playing very effectively. Overall we found it to be a relaxing and supportive occasion.

Afterwards we were invited to join almost everyone else for a cup of coffee (and a biscuit!) in the very new hall attached to the side of the old building. There was a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We then walked back to the boat moored a shirt distance from the bridge.

Once we had changed back into 'boat' clothes there was still about an hour before it would be time for lunch so we set off. The weather was still quite grey and lacking in summer temperature!

The Bridgewater does not have many visitor moorings where it is possible to tie up without hammering in pins but we knew that there were several in the centre of Lymm. As we arrived we could see that there was a small Artisan Market alongside the canal and in the adjacent community hall. We spotted a space and there were rings (not all the spaces did have them) and grabbed it whilst it was available. Mike took a quick look at all of the stalls but was not persuaded to take out his wallet!

We did not stay over long as music being played on one of the stalls rather disturbed the peace of a Sunday afternoon.

At Lymm  Cruising Club a man was painting the hull of his boat that had been hauled up the slipway. No doubt he was hoping to finish quickly as we could feel drops of rain arriving. In fact did noit come to much but it was wet enough for a little while to don wet weather gear.

We paused at Oughtrington to use the elsan point - we had to wait a short while as someone was having to solve a problem with it. Fortunately they succeeded - there are not than many alternative facilities on this canal. 

On a straight stretch passing Hesford Marine there is a number of former warehouses, some have found new uses, including a pub. This one, however is still waiting - "Only one previous owner, needs a little TLC".

We had to wait until Little Bollington for a water tap to fill up our tank. As it reached he top, another boat arrived and so we made a swift departure to let them in.

Our maps indicated a mooring just after passing over the River Bollin, the last before reaching the start of the busy Altrincham and Sale area. However, there was only one ring and that was already occupied so we still had to resort to hammering in pins. At least it is possible to bring the boat close to side on most of the Bridgewater.

7.4 Miles - 0 Locks

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