Wednesday 16 March 2022


Today's Canal - Worcester and Birmingham

We set off in good time as we planned to get through the six Offerton Locks in time for Christine to join the wedding of her cousin which was being held almost entirely on Zoom (other than the minimum number needed to be physically present) It was being held in St Neots at 11 am.

As we set off the weather was overcast but not too chilly. But we knew this would not last . . . 

We arrived at the top of the flight by 9.45 but as we immediately saw that the pound below the top was almost empty. This was strange as the top lock was full (and indeed were all the others). However, one bottom gate was open which may have helped to pound to loose water.

Mike set the next lock to fill whilst Christine brought the boat into the top lock which we then emptied. This was not sufficient to allow our boat to cross so we ran water down, taking nearly half an hour before we could close up the top lock and continue down the flight. 

This photo shows the situation after we had been running for several minutes.

The rest of the flight was more than full of water - these locks do not have a separate bywash to let surplus water into the next pound but run it through the lock itself. This meant in some cases there was extra turbulence for the boat in the lock!

Nearing the end of the flight a slight drizzle arrived and we at the time for the wedding! Christine logged in and saw the start whilst Mike completed the final lock. Alas, as we moored up below the lock the phone signal disappeared so we continued on a little further until the pictures where once again viewable. 

By now the drizzle had turned to real rain so we were in no hurry to restart after the Zoom had ended by just after noon, Mike braved the conditions with the aim of being able to moor at our favourite spot for shopping in Worcester.

It was far too wet for photos so that is why there are none for this part of our journey. In any case, this is a familiar section so it was not easy to find something new to capture.

Christine popped out just enough to help take the boat into and out of both Tolladine and Blackpole locks. Mike then took us on to another spot we have used several times before, alongside the sports fields at Perdiswell.

This was supposed to be just a lunch break but the rain persisted even longer than forecast and we could not bring ourselves to soak another set of clothes so this was it for the night. Shops will have to wait.

4.0 Miles - 8 Locks

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