Sunday 27 June 2021

To Thurmaston and Back

 Today's Navigation - River Soar

Yesterday we arranged that tomorrow (Monday) the boatyard will commence work to replace the glass in our damaged window. Rather than just sit around all day we opted for a short trip upstream and back. Whilst this stretch is very pleasant rural scenery there is not too much to report!

As we came up the first lock, immediately ahead of where we moored overnight, a day hire boat crew were being shown how to operate a lock. We met them again after lunch.

Flowers alongside Junction Lock.

The actual 'junction' is a short distance upstream and is where the former Melton Mowbray Navigation joined in. This route to Oakham is a navigable section of the River Wreake as far as Melton Mowbray where it joined the Oakham Canal for the final section with 19 locks. It was never very financial successful but things might have been different if plans to extend to Stamford or Market Deeeping, allowing traffic to Boston, had been implemented. There is a restoration trust which aims to restore as much of the route to Oakham as possible.

The route from here up to Birstall is bordered by numerous abandoned quarries. Much of the land has now been adopted as public open spaces and it was evident that they are popular, especially for a Sunday walk. However, there were very few views of the waters on our way to Thurmaston where we moored up, opposite the boatyard. We had lunch and an extended break before setting off back the way we came.

There are numerous side branches to the river and many of them have weirs immediately after leaving the main navigation. Although it is good to stay well clear of them, this one only looks a bit hairy, it is not so in reality!

Unlike yesterday, the day remained grey throughout but it was not cold. We caught up with the day boat from Sileby - they had had lunch at one of the popular pubs just befoe Thurmaston. We shared the next two locks but we moored for the night above Sileby Lock which we will have to descend early-ish tomorrow.

8.5 Miles - 5 Locks

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  1. If it's sunny, watch out for basking terrapins!