Tuesday 24 December 2019

Christmas Eve

Not a very focused day- lots of bits and pieces. After the big shop the day before we checked as far as possible and there were only a few items that we could add to our already over-stiffed larders!

Some of the preparation for tomorrow's festive dinner was started, mainly the stuffings. We also continued investigation of the bilge pump. It does seem to be the level detection that is the issue as it will pump water out when switched on. The problem is that it it runs for a very short time (less than a second) every two seconds. On the internet there is some reference to this mode but almost nothing about how to fix it other than giving the pump a good clean to remove any oil. This design no longer uses a float device but a 'no moving parts' meter that determines whether it is pumping water when turned on. The mechanism only works with water and is calibrated for that so the presence of oil means that it has to shut down its auto function. Normally this activates for one second every two and a half minutes. Alas, none of the advice led to the restoration of normal service. A slightly simpler replacement is available at the marina office and if we decide to go down that route we will have to wait until Friday before they re-open.

We did go into town in the middle of the day, a shop at Waitrose as well as a visit to the Post Office to pay in a cheque (our bank no longer has a branch in Wadebridge).

Television - broadcast and streamed - helped while away the evening as we waited until it was time to drive across to St Peter's Church for the midnight Christ mas service at 11.30. The church was packed and it was clear that many, like us, we visitors, some back just for the festivity with family. Everyone was warmly welcome and every effort given to ensure that infrequent attenders knew what do and when.

Returning to the boat just before 1 o'clock we opened a bottle of mulled wine that was won in a raffle some time ago - we have been looking for a reason to use it! It helped us feel festive - it quickly warmed in the microwave - no doubt purists will quake at this tale! But it was well passed two befroe we finally nodded off!

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