Monday 31 December 2018

Ice Cream

The morning was spent getting up (late), reading and then shopping.

After lunch we went out for a walk but first called at Churchfields Ice Cream Farm, near to Salwarpe - one of the places to visit that the marina office had recommended. They have around 36 different varieties and we were definitely spoilt for choice. Alice was quickest off the mark, followed by Jess. We all chose two different flavours - one of Mike's was Tonka Bean. We had not heard of this flavour before but it was definitely delicious - somewhere between coconut cream and vanilla, although in truth it is a flavour on its own. Altogether a place to recommend.

After a quick diversion to some climbing equipment we set off across the fields to Salwarpe village.

We crossed the bridge over the canal (which is being extensively repaired)- by water it is rather a challenge as it is on a tight bend and it is only possible to see an oncoming boat when you have committed to the bend. If there is something there it is a rather sharp reverse to avoid a collision. You can tell that we know!

We turned into the churchyard but could not look inside as it was, alas, locked. However, outside the gate was an early bunch of snowdrops.

Although there are but a few buildings in the village around the church, several have an interesting history.

What is now called Lychgate Cottage and Church Cottage has a plaque on it saying that it was once a school.

The large Salwarpe House and Grange (altogether was originally the Rectory) is hardly visible from the road.

The towpath was regained after a short distance and we continued along to the top lock  at Ladywood. A workboat just above the lock has sadly sunk - it looks as if some protection has been put around it to avoid pollution until it can be raised. Perhaps it was because they ignored the No Mooring sign!

The bridge below the lock took us onto the road back towards the farm where we had left the car. Part way we spotted several ponies in a field - they trotted over to greet us as soon as we stopped. They were happy to be fed with some wisps of hay that had been dropped just out of their range outside the gate,

A little later we arrived at the entrance to the farm and thus back to the car and then the boat. By then it was close to sunset.

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  1. Chilled medication on New Years Eve now your talking. I've just checked on our Waterways Routes map and it looks like there is a mooring fairly close. Next time we're down that way we'll have to visit. Happy New Year
    Pip and Mick