Friday 1 June 2018

Bill Fen Marina

Today's Navigation - Middle Level

We set off in good time this morning as we had to allow for the possibility that we had to continue on to Floods Ferry junction, about an hour away, in order to turn around. The navigation seemed last night to be just about wide enough in places but it is always deceptive until a turn is actually attempted! Suddenly, the boat becomes a whole lot longer than it looks.

It was a grey day as Mike cast off, low cloud but not foggy as yesterday. The photo above shows the same railway wharf that we talked about last night but from the point of view of a boat.

 After a short distance we made one attempt to turn but not quite possible but then, just a few minutes later the waterway was a little wider. This time we were successful and saved about an hour and a half from the time to the marina.

Back under the same bridges and then past the overnight mooring.

At the junction with the arm down to Ramsay we could see the lonely Lodes End Lock

It was just before 11 o'clock when we turned into the narrow entrance to Bill Fen Marina and identified our mooring - we had been told that it was the closest to the entrance. Whilst Mike made the boat secure, Christine made contact with Lyn who brought her back to the mooring in her golf cart! It turns out that payment cannot be by plastic or cheque - otherwise anything will do! Christine also discovered the peacocks.

After lunch we drove into Ramsay to pick up a few items including tolls for the journey home tomorrow and also to extract cash from a hole in a wall in order to pay our mooring dues.

We took a look at Ramsay Church and also the remains of the old Abbey Gatehouse.

On the way back we stopped to look at the town end of the arm. It was originally fed from a stream that now emerges from culverts under the buildings. The warehouses have long since been given new uses.

As we arrived back at the marina we were especially welcomed by a display from one of the peacocks (or was he just interested in the single peahen that was nearby?)

By now the sunshine had arrived and the rest of the afternoon was very pleasant, hot as well as sunny. Jut as well we did nit have much else to do apart from a little more packing and cleaning ready for tomorrow's departure home. We need to be off as soon as we can manage as it will be at least six hour journey, depending on weekend holiday traffic.

Later afternoon, Mike took a perimeter walk around the marina - it is pleasantly laid out with woodland around all sides apart from the waterway.

Christine walked up to the lock later on and, after dinner, in the splendid evening sunshine, we both took a further stroll.

5.1 Miles - 0 Locks

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