Sunday 15 April 2018

Church and Home

Today we were due to return home but we decided to attend the service at the nearby Wootton Wawen parish church before we hit the road. This meant an early rising (well, 7.30 anyway!) so that we could pack the car in time to get to church for 11 am. We managed this although it was nearly a problem when Mike sat down to finish a mug of coffee and suddenly time evaporated! It took 4 or 5 trips up to the car - even though we were now moored on the far side of the marina with a shallower slope to the car park, it was still quite an exercise.

The church had a number of unusual features, including these 'cages' for the choir. We learnt later that they were originally small vestries which were then adapted for this purpose but it did feel a bit of a reaction to 'naughty' West Gallery choirs who tended to slope off to the nearby pub during lengthy sermons!

The service was conducted by a hospital chaplain helping out for the second time as the vicar is unwell at the moment although hoping to return to work  gradually in the near future. There was a modest congregation - around 19 including 4 visitors plus a choir of seven and a pretty competent organist.

Afterwards we enjoyed a mug of coffee and a slice of cake (although the latter we wrapped to have with our lunch in the car . . .) We took a look at a small exhibition of the history of the development of the village since medieval times. There was once a priory but that has long since disappeared.

The main chancel and sanctuary are all but hidden by the choir stalls an then, behind a set of doors, is another chapel.

By the time we left it was around 12:45 but, with an uneventful and unimpeded grip back (although rain and sunshine - mainly the former - sometimes made driving a little challenging).

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