Friday 15 September 2017

Higher Walton

Today's Canal - Bridgewater

The rain which was just clearing as we awoke was well gone by the time Mike was ready to walk to Asda (much further than for the proverbial crow!) it was a bright and sunny day. It remained that way apart from one short but sharp shower mid afternoon.

The Bridgewater is not really a 'destination' canal, more a means of getting from one side of Manchester to the other! It is often very straight, runs through urban sprawl and lacks most of the usual boater's facilities. Apart from that, it was a gentle, cruising day.

We again passed the now disused Kellogs Arm - not an especially interesting photo but it does show a long straight, back to Tafford Park where we moored overnight, as well as the blue skies.

At Stretford Waters Meeting junction we left the Leigh Branch and turned right onto the main line.

The Stretford Watch House is said to be one of the oldest houses on the canal and has had many previous uses, originally a farm building when there was little else in this area.

The Waxi water taxi passed on its first run from Sale. This time it was carrying a couple of passengers (more than we saw on our last trip)

At Barfoot Aqueduct the canal crosses the River Mersey - not here part of the navigable Ship Canal but a little smaller.

And here is one of the Waxi stops.

The Budenberg Haus Apartments are much photographed but what is not easily seen from the canal is how these modern structures have been built onto a redundant industrial building which can be better seen here.

Just a little further along stood the old Linotype Works. Despite various plans to convert the whole building, most has now been demolished although several gable ends have been kept, currently propped up by scaffolding and hopefully will; be somehow incorporated into the overall development. For the present, most of the site is being covered in standard house boxes.

There are some green stretches in between urban areas and we suddenly found ourselves back into country at the end Sale. We were able to fill up with water at Number 3 (a pub) before moving back tot he towpath to moor for lunch. A little further at Outrington, the privately owned service facility was still able to offer us a free elsan disposal - there are now no more until Anderton on the Trent and Mersey. The countryside does not last too long as Lymm soon arrives.

The first part of Lymm is Grappenhall where we we spotted a number of these protest posters Say No to WBC Preferred Development Option. Warrington Coincil are required to establish a plan that will allow 24,000 new homes and they have said that at least 9000 will have to be built on what is currently green belt land. The residents of Grappenhall are not happy!

The A56 out of Stockton Heath  crosses the canal on this concrete bridge, typical of designs in the 1930's when it was constructed.

Before then, the road went underneath the canal but the aqueduct was very narrow at road level so was replaced. However, the earlier underbridge is still there a short distance away.

19.1 Miles - 0 Locks

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