Friday, 18 August 2017

Reading and Back - Jess Returns Home

Today Jess returned home. This involved her and Mike catching a train from Manchester Piccadilly station and 9:27 which was straight through to Reading where they would meet up with Adrian to hand her over.

It was a early and prompt rise as they had about 15 - 20 minutes walk to the station (having rehearsed it, it seems to get quicker each time!) and wanted to be in good time so that they were not rushed in finding their seats.

As it happened, they were quite early but the train was already at the platform so they could board as soon as they found the right place. It was fortunate that they had reserved seats as, for parts of the journey, the train was over full with some passengers,. not having booked, having to stand.

The train was very comfortable and Mike was able to buy himself a coffee - twice, and on the second occasion Jess opted for some Cheddars as well, but stuck to the bottles of squash Mike packed in his rucksack for her drinks.

The train was also on time - in fact at Reading the timetable allows extra as the train changes direction and the driver has to shift from one end to the other - or perhaps it is another driver, we were too busy finding our way out to notice!

Adrian had already texted to say that he was running a little late and indeed a wait on the bridge between the two exits was needed. Happily, Jess and Adrian were re-united leaving Mike plenty of time to find himself some lunch items from nearby outlets.

The return trip for Mike was very similar and equally busy at times but spaces appeared after Birmingham.

Back at Manchester it was just thew walk back to the boat and a chance to admire the shiny polished floor etc - Christine had spent most of the tidy having a tidy through as well as a visit to a supermarket to stock up.

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