Thursday, 25 May 2017

London and Car Shuffle

Not a day cruising as Christine had a meeting in London. (That was why we booked into Brayford Pool - Lincoln station is only 10 minutes walk and the train is typically only about two hours into Kings Cross.

We both walked to the station - Christine's train was just before 8. There was plenty of extra security around but, as one admitted, it is more for re-assurance than doing anything significant!

Mike opted to do the car shuffle today and had already worked out quite a complex itinerary to achieve this. He caught his train just half an hour later, changing at Beeston (was going to be Nottingham but the ticket inspector was telling people that it is easier to wait until Beeston. Same train hut avoids having to change platforms. The second train was to Derby which was followed by a 12 minute walk to the bus station. A bus then dropped him right outside Mercia Marina where a quarter hour hike around the marina brought him to the long term car park.

Before leaving, he handed back the gate fob and also picked up some elsan blue from Midland Chandlers.

It was about one hour 20 minutes via the A38 and M1 to reach Clayworth where will have booked our next mooring, just few about 10 days whilst we return home for the Royal Cornwall Show. From there a bus took him into Gainsborough but was running just a few minutes late so there were a few anxious moments since the schedule only allowed 10 minutes to catch the next bus. However, it was several minutes late arriving in from Scunthorpe.

Apart from the fuel in the car and just under £10 for the train ticket, the rest was on bus pass!

As this blog is posted, Christine is on her way back from London and ordering her late meal!

Christine returned with a number of pictures taken on her new smartphone.She had some spare time after getting back to Kings Cross, following the end of her meeting. She wandered across to the canal where she saw some of the new redeveloped areas proving popular in today's very warm weather. Some time ago we moored here - a rather run-down section of the canal at that time - but it ios now very different.

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