Sunday, 15 January 2017


As we wait we are gradually tracking down a number of lesser items that we feel we want to have on the new boat from the outset. Some are to replace items left behind on Take Five and other based on experience.

I am afraid to say that much of this is a further contribution to the demise of high street (or even side street) shopping as, based down here in Cornwall, the internet is about the only way to find most of these items.

We have already sourced a safe - we previously resorted to hiding laptop, tablets, phones etc under pillows or bedding when we went out for shopping trips etc. However, this was not a particularly great addition to security so Andrew has persuaded us to build in a safe from the outset. We did look in local (ie Truro - 25 miles away) stores but they only had small ones suitable for a small cash box. Online we soon found a number of safes specially sized for laptops as, in particular cases, with a shelf to make it easier to store other valuables as well. What took a few days extra was that we needed to contact the selected supplier as they had two models that looked, to us, to be the same but with different prices. In any event, the one we were directed towards (happily the less expensive) was one that is especially popular with hotels.

Another item - and one that leads to the title for  this blog - is a table mat to go under the laptop, mouse and associated items when deployed for action on the dining table. Christine was concerned to protect the new surface. She suggested something similar to one that she has had on her desk here for a good number of years - long enough to forget where it came from! Again, back to the internet and although there are plenty of supplier, it was surprising how many all stocked much the same item.

However, we did not want anything fancy and so we ordered one from Amazon which arrived within 48 hours, as do so many online orders these days - DPD seems to know its way here now. I had wondered how it would arrive as I was sure that rolling it up would not be 'a good thing'. It was somewhat breathtaking when it arrived - we were out at the time and it was left with a neighbour . They must have wondered what it was as it had no weight beyond the box.

So, all this packaging for just this over-sized table mat - a thin plastic one at that!

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