Tuesday 4 October 2016

Shell to Go

Phil (Stem to Stern) has just made a further visit to Sheffield in order to check progress and that all is well for Thursday. Crane and transport are booked for Thursday - 8 am at the Tyler Wilson works in Sheffield. The shell will then be loaded and transported to Stafford where another crane is booked to offload ready to move the shell into the industrial unit where it will be fitted out over the next few months.

The report states that almost all the work is not complete with a few tweaks before it is blacked tonight and then painted inside and out tomorrow.

Here are Phil's latest photos. The shell is on trestles for the final works - it looks as if the base plate is still being trimmed back to size. The first two photos are our first view of how Jonathon Wilson has interpreted our expectations for the semi trad stern layout. The third picture is a good look at the unique chute design of the weed hatch. On trestles there is a better impression of the distinctive bow lines.

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