Monday, 12 March 2018


Today was devoted to housekeeping - cleaning, sorting, washing, minor maintenance and so on. we did have the first chance to move the boat this trip - but only the 50 metres or so to the fuel point and back again. We plan to leave the heating on frost protection again so wanted to make sure that the tanks were full, even though there should easily have been enough.

We had a brief shopping trip, newspaper, rolls for the journey tomorrow and a couple of other items to replenish the stock cupboard.

Late afternoon we took  large pile of laundry to the the service block to dry it using the large driers. Other smaller amounts have been done as we go along but they had to be finished using the radiators and stove overnight.

So that is almost the end of this non-moving trip. It has been interesting but wew will be quite glad to get underway properly when we next return.

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