Saturday, 8 February 2020

Shopping, Gravestones, Snoozing

This will not be the most exciting of blogs to read as we have not been over energetic today - just marking time, I guess.

Mid morning we popped into town for a top up to the stores and for rolls to have on our journey into London tomorrow. Christine had hoped to find a jeweller's shop as the battery in her 30+ year old watch is fast dying. Alas, she was told that there are none in Droitwich. Should be no problem in London (we hope!)

After taking the shopping back to the boat, Mike took time to take some more gravestone photos at St Nicholas's church in town.

Then time for lunch. (I warned you about the excitement quotient!)

We planned separate outings for the afternoon - Mike returned to St Nicholas where he completed as much as he expected to do on this trip. There is one patch of 'ashes tablets' but they are a bit difficult to see and will take a bit of time so he left them for another visit. He then, in the fading light, called at St Augustine, mainly to take enough photos to sort out the layout of the churchyard and how best to divide it up to help locate individual photos later on.

Back at the boat he found Christine already back from her walk - well actually no. She had opted instead to doze comfortably and then read a book!

Time then to sort out things for tomorrow, book a taxi to the station and prepare the evening meal. Gosh,how tired we are at such a heavy day . . .

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