Monday, 7 January 2019

Now Back Home

With Christine still suffering from her cold we were not able to do too much today although Mike went to the supermarket and also completed the photos of one of the churchyards.

Despite suffering, Christine did manage her usual clean through and Mike removed most of the tar stain that had collected at the base of the chimney. It is not possible to remove it completely but best to keep on top of it.

Sunday morning, Mike went to St Peter's church for the morning worship service which was well attended. By the time he returned to the boat, Christine had completed the last of the packing.

Mike loaded up the car and then went through the usual final disposals and emptying of the water tank. Another quick clean around the chimney whilst packing it away and then we closed down all systems before setting of on the journey homeward.

The motorway was remarkably quiet with no delays at all so that we were back by half past three, still daylight.

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