Monday, 1 January 2018


Again, don't be fooled by the blog title - we did not go by boat to Windsor! In any event, when we did see the Thames it looked in full flow and we did pick up from another blog a couple of days ago that it was then on Red Boards.

After the later night to see in the New Year, no-one was in any hurry once again but we did make it up an hour earlier than the day before (not that was much of a challenge!)

At 2 o'clock we set off by car to take the Alice and Jess back home  - hence the trip to Windsor. They start back at school in two days time so that left them just one day to get ready. The roads were quite clear - almost no freight traffic around and so we arrived just a few moments after four. We stayed to chat and have a cup of tea for an hour before setting off for our return trip. It was by now completely dark but the driving was not as difficult as we thought it might be. Once we had cleared the M5 and onto the A404(M) there was only one spot where there was any traffic at all and that was only a slowing down. No real congestion at the usual trouble spots.

We arrived back at the boat before 19:30 and set about preparing dinner - sausage and mash with a onion, pepper and mushroom sauce that made good use of the remainder of the jar of pizza topping that was not needed the night before!

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