Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fazeley Mill Marina

Today's Canal - Birmingham & Fazeley

Yet another bright start to the day -Mike was off in good time this morning (well, nine o'clock anyway) for the short run back to the marine. We filled the water tank at the public point just outside the marina entrance as by now the washing machine was doing its stuff and we were somewhat low.

Moving inside, we first paused at the service wharf as we not only needed the sani station but also a replacement gas bottle. That done, and our mooring fees paid, we were directed to our allotted place. This is probably the first time we have been into a marina with multi-boat pontoons - they do take a little care in manoeuvring especially as we opted (as it seemed most but not all of the other boats had done) to reverse. At least that will mean and easier getaway in a fortnight's time.

The person in charge of the marina as well as several of the long stay moorers all proved very chatty and Mike had to get away to do the car shuffle. His advance research had shown that there was a  choice between taking a bus into Tamworth (with about 8 minutes walk either end and train via Rugby) or to Wilnecote (with 25 minutes walk and train via Birmingham New Street). The fares are the same either way.

Local advice was firmly in favour of the walk to Wilnecote even if the time was somewhat underestimated!

The walking route to the station is straightforward and Mike ended up with a twenty minute wait before the train arrived (on time). The only problem was that there was no ticket machine at the station and the train manager opted not to check tickets. As a result Mike had to buy it at New Street which is never a speedy process. The new layout at New Street seems to involve passing through ticket barriers umpteen times - well at least three, or was it four? A quick dash to WHSmith for  a paper an a 'meal deal' meant that Mike jumped onto the train with less than a minute to spare!

On the way he phoned the taxi company we used when collecting the car from Gayton and a car was ready and waiting at the bottom of the steps as he arrived at the station. A few minutes and only £10 later he was deposited at Weltonfield - the driver was very keen to make sure he dropped off right next to the car even though this meant driving around the basin to the far side!

The journey back was almost uneventful except that the exit from the M6 is currently surrounded by road works ('upgrading to a smart motorway') and the temporary lane signs seemed at odds with the permanent ones wit h the result that Mike came off at the wrong place. Luckily this did not cause much delay as the A road runs parallel to the motorway until the correct intersection. Part of the reason is that, having once inadvertently taken the M6 Tool - a fee and a long diversion - he is now paranoid about this particular intersection which at times seems to be intent on enticing drivers onto the toll road regardless!

Meanwhile, Christine had just about completed the laundry and cleaning that she had planned, although chatty neighbours kept interrupting her in order to tell her their life stories!

Later in the afternoon we drove a shirt distance to the nearest Morrisons for a few items, re-stock our cleaning materials as well as rolls for our journey home tomorrow.

That's it - sorry, no photos this time.

1.8 Miles - 0 Locks


  1. Fill up with diesel before you leave, its normally a very reasonable price, When I have used there services I have always found the staff very friendly and helpful

  2. Certainly we have found them very welcoming so far.